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Schedule for Lay Readers and Acolytes
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March 4th Jaime Wright / Kyle Gray Charlotte Martin  / Karen Burroughs & Ron Prasser / Jorge Sanchez
  11th Harvey Johnson / Kyle Gray Tom PetersonKaren Burroughs & Abrom Cooper / Jorge Sanchez
  18th Jaime Wright / Kyle Gray Linda MohlerKaren Burroughs & Charles Miller / Jorge Sanchez
  25th Harvey Johnson / Kyle Gray Youth Participants
  28th Tenebrae at 7 PM Tom Gray, Charles Miller, Jaime Wright, Thomas Gordon
  29th Maundy Thursday at 6:30 PM Steve Zradzinski
  30th Good Friday at Noon Stations of the Cross
  30th Good Friday at 7 PM Tom Peterson
  31st Great Vigil of Easter TBA
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April 1st Jaime Wright / Kyle Gray Linda Mohler  / Charles Miller & Ron Prasser / Jorge Sanchez
  8th Tom Gray / Kyle Gray Steve Zradzinski  / Karen Burroughs & Abrom Cooper / Jorge Sanchez
  15th Harvey Johnson / Kyle Gray Thomas Gordon / Karen Burroughs & Chuck Miller / Jorge Sanchez
  22nd Jaime Wright / Kyle Gray Tom Peterson / Karen Burroughs & Abrom Cooper / Jorge Sanchez
  29th Tom Gray / Kyle Gray Youth Participants
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NOTE: This schedule is subject to change. Please remember your date and time. Try your best to be dressed and ready 20 minutes before the service begins. Please make sure you are familiar with your readings. And most of all, Thank You!!
Harvey Johnson / Kyle Gray